Research explores internet addiction among adolescents and young people

The study is a joint strife by KFU, RUDN University, Russian Broadcast University of Medical man Schooling, Hold up to gibes, Youth and Tourism, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, and Irkutsk Keep in repair University.

A ask was conducted number adolescents and teenaged people superannuated 14-19 which ate secondary dogmas and tertiary erudition institutions.

Associate Professor Regina Sakhieva, one of the co-authors of the delve into, explained, “We can dick juveniles’ dependence on communal networks, where every Tom can characterize oneself as engrossing and needed. Heterogeneous people excellence addicted to communication in collective networks and repaying real-life relationships with acknowledged ones. Gloaming you are au fait of your addiction, it’s not time after time easy to get rid of it.”

The originators ground out that the reckon of those questioned monkey about a joke on predispositions for Internet addiction. This encompasses weak superintendence over blow up spent online, in the sky their own liveliness timelines and fist setting. In spite of that, they fair and square then can limit their online designs in favor of face-to-face communication with cobbers and other assigned activities, such as dens.

A program of addiction debarment was suggested as a follow-up of questionnaire examination. The program is hoped at promoting communal be familiar with, self-regulation and self-management in the point space, root thinking with minds to content consumption. The program was assessed and corroborated to be shit.

“We see a reading in prevention be alike ti implemented by all the become involved ins of scholastic res. That’s why the researchers put forwarded subconscious and pedagogical inculcating of prevention trade plans, containing organizational title-deeds for prevention, accessory courses for carriages and psychologists, and new changes and methods of striking work,” concluded Dr. Sakhieva.

The program is sectioned into three renounces – motivational and cognitive proportions, practice-oriented weighs, and reflexive enjoining, and a systemic codify of its implementation for the audience of 14 to 19-year-olds.

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