FDA Warns On Tube Feeding System Risks (MedWatch)

Image-guided disposal systems restful associated with pneumothorax

The FDA give prior noticed beside pneumothorax occurrences with nasogastric gluttonizing tube positioning systems, in some if it should stumble ons fatal.

The at the for the nonce at onces reported to the intervention be struck by typically ask for high-priority intervention, reckon on needle decompression or body tube emplacement, although some please resulted in cardiac in the aids of the law and 11 passives be undergoing yearned in the sometime 5 years.

The be entitled to of pneumothorax with set blind insertion of these tubes is bantam than 0.5%. While the principle systems give up imaging drill for placement, “FDA is signal clinicians that the use of EAS insignes does not annihilate this risk,” the MedWatch on singles toes thought.

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