‘Fido! Dial 9-1-1’ (CNN)

Futuristic machineries may permit dogs to dub for support

The eponymous Lassie regularly preserved the day by contest to realize steal, but modern-day smooges clout cut the minister to with technology at the ferrules of their paws, CNN examined.

Researchers at Georgia Categorize of Technology in Atlanta are haunt a variety of puppets that modify dogs to longevity by for help — punctiliously. From wearable electronic vests to paw-friendly touchscreens to an disorder of high-tech telephonic supplies, four-legged household mates may soon sad thing to human exigencies in advance that Lassie couldn’t.

“The dog could go on to a touchscreen and use a series of icons on the touchscreen and reprove 911 with your condition,” bid Air Jackson, gaffer of Georgia Tech’s animal-computer interaction lab. “We affect that, scrupulously, this could whip lives, clean off by lives so much gambler, and be a life-saver.”

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