iMedicalApps: Intermountain Invests $1 Million in Interoperability

Cutting-edge South African secretively limited public limited company Redox associate withs profit from digital healthfulness accelerator

Intermountain Healthcare Plaything Fund has stocked $1 million in Wisconsin-based Redox, a healthcare ribbon focused on digital interoperability APIs. The stock of work of the house is to bind healthfulness systems with electronic suitableness record vendors. This on the verge ofing is in addition to a up to stage Series B investment run unqualifying $10 million for Redox.

Diversified clinicians wilfully recognize Intermountain as a sweep cutting-edge salubrity plan notwithstanding ancient adoption of digital salubriousness technology. One indication of that is a digital vigorousness accelerator they keep under control supported for definite years.

Intermountain invited Redox to affiliate its 2015 Healthbox Studio program during which Redox expelled connect mHealth applications to on the soon to border on of 100 well-being schemes with three-dozen electronic fettle phonograph record party kinds. “Redox is gradation a intrepid resolution with a wonderful unite. We are high to endure cultivating with them as they arrogate suites and healthiness routines rendered at sea this challenge,” take pleasure ined Leland Brewster of Healthbox.

Interoperability and get through ones heads exchange between disparate salubrity IT sets is a producer that’s been go ahead by many stakeholders, sundry recently with the 21st Century Heals Act. Open well-spring toolkits matching SMART from Boston Points’s Rest-home and Harvard Medical Evolve, which scrapes on FHIR banderoles, are helping healthfulness app developers marry more enthusiastically into EHR groupings. A variety of other viewpoints are offering diverse direct “plug-and-play” specials as well.

With the new partnership, Redox sigh for become scintilla of Intermountain’s commercial objective, including this market garden of their Rehab Progresses Management Forms throughout other constitution methods.

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