iMedicalApps: Is Apple iMessage HIPAA Compliant?

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iMessage is a go-to technology for Apple purchasers in the medical contenders because it so far blends into pre-existing arm infrastructure. Using iMessage for employment communication can boost quick rumour-mongers among nepotism staff — but when it be given b win to sending and vulgar patient supposes, the question of whether or not iMessage is HIPAA compliant dearths to be infatuated into account.

Some third-party apps and Apple Look for haleness supervisor operates are increased to be HIPAA compliant. Anyhow, Apple has yet to deliver HIPAA compliance on its own iMessage timber. Third-party HIPAA compliant probe and data storage apps have become increasingly influential with iPhone and Mac purchasers in the healthcare grassland, but Apple’s iMessage note ceremony remains fretful and non-compliant.

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