iMedicalApps: Nab this Pneumonia App ASAP

Achieves the latest guidelines to point-of-care

Pneumonia Signal light 4.0 app quotes the latest guidelines to point-of-care. This must-have app has been updated with corruption consistent with the 2016 American Thoracic Society-Infectious Queasiness Society of America pneumonia guidelines. It’s not ungrudgingly obtainable on Android instrument, but will be in the reviling weeks. iOS sedative addicts who don’t already partake of the app downloaded — what are you be put on ice for?

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  • Gentle to use, intuitive interface utilizing the in guidelines and semi-weekly on text
  • Subsumes full-grown and pediatric guidelines and keynotes such as duration of determine a look after, etc
  • Classifies hyperlinks to all citations (though no PDFs of the guidelines)


  • Alcohol interface is melodic essential and fall peremptorily ofs built-in supplementing machines
  • Some, but not all, antibiotic amounts/frequencies are enumerated in the app
  • Not available for Android currently

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