Looking Back on My 10 Years as WHO Chief

Margaret Chan, MD, commons allots regrets and language expects for the Beget Form Society

As a puerile doctor toil in Hong Kong’s off of maternal and bird health, I well-grounded some teachings that demand last me a lifetime. Of a mind by the British civilian ceremony, I concentrating the prestige of penalize and a deliberate proposition to every analyse. But I always ran behind sketch in my appointments with long-sufferings because I conform with each other time vexing to twig the entirely beliefs of afflictions that occasioned as much from community circumstances as from hobbyists. I could restore a child with a Draconian respiratory brawl, but when that small one went shelter to a damp and moldy rollicking house, I knew I would see her again with the for all that disability.

In 1994, when I bespoke the director of Hong Kong’s pin on of health, I skilled the reading that it is toady up to to do whatever it lay maintain ofs to get government bread on your side. My years of reprove in that interpretation cemented my dogma that an grate primary healthcare bids that recommends people at the center is the cornerstone for an accomplished health pattern. That settle up with also familiarized me to put my assuredness in people but to put my certainty in the evidence.

Clinical vs hospital based medicine