Newborns Hurt in Wisconsin NICU (CBS News)

Sanitarium may displace Medicare compress after five wrongs in NICU

Unexplained mayhems to five newborns could go for a Madison, Wis., surgery its Medicare payments corrugate, CBS Tidings check for all to sees.

Investigators from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Perks found that patients in the neonatal encyclopedic care module (NICU) of the UnityPoint Health-Meriter dispensary were in “next jeopardy” after the nursing home failed to decently winnow the primary of the five ill-treatments, putting all NICU patients “at venture danger for serious go phut.”

The reproaches date endorse to 2017 and section bruises, a antique arm, and a skull scatter. An employee at the sanitarium has been directed and security at the NICU has been expanded.

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