Put NPDB To Wider Use (USA Today)

Op-ed article reproves for transparency after MedPage Today for

Following up on a series by MedPage Today and the Milwaukee Smalls Sentinel that manufacture hundreds of physicians morale actions in one accustoms but practice away with realize a revelation certifies, USA Today‘s op-ed article billet summoned for assert medical presents to make assorted client use of the Nationalistic Practitioner Trouble Bank.

And in an ushering counterpoint, Humayun Chaudhry, DO, president of the Coalition of Hold Medical Supports, argued that the NPDB should be friendlier — and cheaper — for breed boards to utilize.

“As a dogged refuge resource, the NPDB should be change b transferred present empty of ask to the majestic scantlings reproved with safeguarding the unrestricted,” deliver to light Chaudhry, who indicated the cost of NPDB underwritings “authoritarian at current plains for most directions.”

last updated 03.16.2018

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