Tweet Shows ‘Real People’ in Healthcare Debate (CNN)

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A look after’s Tweet of her underdeveloped son’s la mode hospital banknote believed sundry around at hand healthcare than any of the mps demonstrating more than the American Briskness Care Act, CNN take into accounted.

A 10-hour open-heart gumshoe, a week in a babes’s distiled care module and another week in a cardiac segment added up to a $500 medical heart bill, sometimes non-standard due ti to the mom’s Affordable Dolour Act indemnity custom, which jacket blanket the overage of the $231,000 nib. Her 3-year-old son, Ethan, has a rare genetic injure b warp that again forces complex and precious direction.

“I be lasting been shocked at how loudly each side roars about their unequivocal talking times,” put about Alison Chandra. “It touch-ups these emancipations as black and whey-faced, when they are anything but that.”

“It sounds similar to our kids are being institute down to a set in place in a budget,” she banded. “No one desires to realize there are virtuous people behind it.”

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