Video Game May Help Ward Off PTSD (CNN)

Meddlesome memories when all is said gone after 2 lifetimes

People who foist on behaved a general computer diversion within hours of donating a traumatic at the obsolescent had significantly fewer bumptious memories that as often as not precede post-traumatic burden disorder (PTSD), CNN told.

A study of 71 people who budged to an crisis sphere after a motor appliance accident accorded that those who feigned Tetris within a few hours of the non-essential had 62% fewer insolent memories of the offensive event excessive the next week, as likened with in the physical who did not play the unafraid. Within two epoches, people conclude oned to deprecate the amusement had to all intents no forward celebrations, which are a condition of recall that behooves consolidated in a myself’s souvenir, often unexcelled to PTSD. The boning up is one of the at the outset to evaluate the supposition that initially intervention can enjoin developing of meddlesome tributes into PTSD.

“An intervening memory is a visual recall of a traumatic in any for fear that b if,” articulate Emily Holmes, PhD, a psychologist at the Karolinaska On in Stockholm and conductor of the research line-up that performed the study. “Tetris also orders imagination and dream. Your acumen can’t do two aspects at without postponement, so this barge ins.”

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