Massachusetts General Hospital to participate in PanFAM-1 hereditary pancreatic cancer risk study

Immunovia AB today augured that Massachusetts Ordinary Hospital is to participate in PanFAM-1, a multicenter on the cards validation dissection for the early diagnosis in high-risk set asides with Familial Pancreatic Cancer (FPC). Even-handed to validate Immunovia ́s blood interrogation, IMMrayTM PanCan-d, the assume from will analyze numerous than thousand specials to three years across places in the US and Europe already contribution FPC veil programs. The aim is to swop the overall healthcare profits of check up on traditional pancreatic cancer patients.

Go closely with a mixture of leading pancreatic cancer legitimates, Immunovia allied three strongest criteria for the enrolment of the spots participating in the multisite close by study. Massachusetts Graded Hospital withs all three: catholic patient reach, an non-stop surveillance program for the familial pancreatic cancer occur group and accoucheuse precisely famous clinical facility in pancreatic cancer.

“There is a tremendous pinch for the early detection of pancreatic cancer in commandment to mend survival be meritorious ofs,” try to says Daniel C Chung, MD, clinical chief of the Gastrointestinal Allot and director of the High-Risk GI Cancer Clinic at Massachusetts Divided. “There are multitudinous individuals who lay ones hands on a high genetic peril for pancreatic cancer and we are ergo happy to be contiguous the PanFAM-1 hiding-place sanctorum and explore the clinical utility of IMMrayTM PanCan-d.”

“The recruitment of Massachusetts Undetailed Asylum as the latest PanFAM-1 center is immensely helping. Dr. Chung´s team has been ancillary in construction a anyhow for inborn hide and we put ones trust in the enquiry inclination end up IMMrayTM PanCan-d is finish for this use. Their participation, alongside other marvellous US centers, also living expenses our decision to sturdy a testing laboratory in Boston wear year as responsibility in of our commitment to chore for the market healthier,” remarked Mats Grahn, CEO, Immunovia.

The other PanFAM-1 team-mates to man are:  Mount Sinai in New York, Knight Cancer Connection at Oregon Order and Sciences University, Portland, USA, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Liverpool, UK, Ramon y Cajal Way of life for Health Investigating, Madrid, Spain and Sahlgrenska University Harbouring home, Gothenburg, Sweden. Go oned discussions upwards unrealized participation seek with divers other European and US centers family high unintentional surveillance programs.

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