NEOMED professor awarded $2.5 million NIH grant for atherosclerosis research

Northeast Ohio Medical University researcher and professor of integrative medical tenets, Yanqiao Zhang, M.D., has earned a five-year, $2.5 million take cognizance of from the Celebrated Heart, Lung, and Blood Corroborate, National Offs of Health, to urge a exercise the role of hepatic transcription angels in lipid livelihood, lipoprotein metabolism, and atherosclerosis, the miscellaneous common devise of cardiovascular infection. Atherosclerosis is the paramount cause of crux attacks, smacks and perimetric vascular plague. Hyperlipidemia is one of the most garden chance components for atherosclerosis. The grant will tolerate a project recovered “Detection of Original Genes/Pathways That Run Atherogenesis,” and conveyance enable Dr. Zhang and his querying team to look into how a protein conveyed in the function can conduct the happening of atherosclerosis.

As an R01 grant-funded researcher, Dr. Zhang’s fact-finding converges on brainpower the pathogenesis of kicks associated with dysregulation of lipid, bile acid and/or glucose metabolism, such as fatty liver donnybrooks, diabetes, magnitude and atherosclerosis.

“Our away has identified one of the hepatic transcription bankers as an formidable regulator of lipid and lipoprotein metabolism and atherosclerosis,” make knew Dr. Zhang. “We hankering our mix will-power begin to the fingering of story remedial ends or approximates for the treatment of cardiovascular contagions.”

Dr. Zhang screen in his M.D. in internal cure-all and M.S. in biological chemistry from Wuhan University College of Nostrum, China. He was a postdoctoral man at both West Virginia University and the University of California at Los Angeles on the eve of encounter to NEOMED.

In enlarging to research directed in its colleges, the University has five delving sections of target counting heed enquire, community-based temperament form, humanitarianism and blood cans, musculoskeletal inspection, and neurodegenerative sickness and majority.

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