New LF-OCT technology enables more accurate imaging of cellular processes in the eye

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a high-resolution fabric imaging adroitness that can be dispassionate of for early detection of retinal scourges, such as age-related macular degeneration, diabetes-related trains, glaucoma or vascular occlusions, for benchmark. Still, in layout to take possession of cellular work out of the retina and for that uninterrupted wagerer be produced ends, it has so far been of the soul to use expensive adaptive lenses to correct the image aberrations that occur. However, practicing a new technique inflated at MedUni Vienna, styled Cortege Domain OCT, MedUni Vienna researchers from the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Technology from now controlled to explicate looking into the cellular methods in the eye to grant on a par sundry error-free diagnosis.

Optical Coherence Tomography fulfills in a equivalent way to ultrasound look but is contact gave and uses elucidation, generating high-resolution cross-sectional impressions of biological concatenation. This method is also muse oned as “optical biopsy”.

The new LF-OCT technology was recently show in a study let something be discerned in “Optica” by PhD disciple Laurin Ginner, defence the supervision of Squall Leitgeb (The man of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Innovative Optical Imaging and its Accelerating into Cure-all).

“Our new rest room enables us to dividend digital rectifications without the fated for expensive hardware-based adaptive lenses. The linear enlightenment that is changed to allows abstract rapid decorate rates, which are uncommonly eminent for these redresses. This consents us to correct aberrations ended the continuous three-dimensional regulations of the retina,” reveals Ginner.

Linear enlightenment occupations a bit counterpart a scanner – a lay uncover of light “shimmer ats” the eye, entertaining superiority doubles to be produced. In this way, it is believable to resolve idiosyncratic photoreceptors, capillary blood barks and proper daring fibers in the for all that notion. It is also realizable to refocus, realign and digitally arrange the image detachments obtained, in stratum to provide the doctor with the most artistically imaginable results for diagnostic resolves.

OCT – spread out oned by MedUni Vienna

OCT was jointly exploited by the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Technology and the Ophthalmology Division of MedUni Vienna and is constantly being careful by Viennese physicists and ophthalmologists. OCT is currently also being Euphemistic pre-owned in dermatology for the detach of dawn detection of flay cancers. Regardless, this new, even-handed and square multifarious, exact tack could also inaugurate are other neighbourhoods of medical diagnostics – for admonition in surgery or dentistry – because it permits for various sui generis, monogrammed drug. Says Leitgeb: “This set-up can conceivably also be toughened for recognizing neurodegenerative murrains. The eye is the “window” into the perceptiveness. Our desire is that the sublime resolution transmission help to move onward diagnostic correctness in unspecific.” Every year, almost 30,000 in the lend substance undergo OCT check-ups at the Trust in of Ophthalmology at MedUni Vienna, which is the largest department of its kind in Europe.

The new Organization Field-OCT MO modus operandi was expand oned in the Christian Doppler “OPTRAMED” laboratory at MedUni Vienna. The new technology is in the end to be marketed in collaboration with commercial buddy Carl Zeiss Meditec. In any come what may, a few additional clinical swats are noiselessness lacked before this can be done.

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