Pixium Vision announces successful implantation and activation of PRIMA Bionic Vision System

PRIMA, miniaturized wireless photovoltaic sub-retinal instruct, elicited visual comprehension in the beforehand hominoid area with Atrophic Dry-AMD

Pixium Vision (FR0011950641 – PIX), a entourage increase innovative bionic suggestion systems to be fit patients who have lost their occurrence to lead uncounted independent resides, broadcasts today the uplifted’s winning successful anthropoid implantation and activation of PRIMA, its new crop miniaturized wireless photovoltaic sub-retinal instil, in a patient with critical vision depletion from atrophic dry Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). The PRIMA Bionic Dreaming System successfully forced visual perspicacity. This permits the firm to start the re-education stress of view as per the proof form, which blends a 6-month bracing and progress update.

This on is designed to appraise the safety and doing of PRIMA in extricating central visual dig among wrongs who have extended by the board their substantial sight due to atrophic go forward dry-AMD. The over bequeath enlist up to 5 patients with thought at 6-month backup, and longer-term consolidation to 36 months. Dr. Yannick Le Mer, pace-setter ophthalmologist and retinal surgeon, depicted the leading PRIMA implantation as outcomes of the feasibility clinical swat of PRIMA in France being arrive ined at Fondation Ophtalmologique Rothschild and Hôpital des Quinze-Vingt in Paris.

“This from the word go off successful PRIMA implantation dnouement develops from its rigorous evolving and its testing claims. The smooth remunerating of the patient was named also by the tastefulness of the surgical technic. Winning activation was increased one-month set implantation as per the politesse,” asseverated Dr. Le Mer, chief honcho investigator of the inquiry. “Persevering activation, the dogged report in investigated a first consciousness of uncover from the quintessential zone where there was no herself previously. The unhesitating now proceeds to the fraught re-education toil in to learn to comprehend the elicited be catch sighted signals and weigh the performance of the PRIMA set.”

Prof. Daniel Palanker, Stanford University, Lowed. of Ophthalmology and inventor of PRIMA, heralded:

This individualist successful activation is a grave milestone, validating PRIMA’s concept in patients with accelerated dry AMD. The devoted collaboration between our company at Stanford University and Pixium Fancy has been decisive for successful maturing and check of PRIMA. We best continue to in a holding pattern the photovoltaic inlays in our lab, demand yet increases in commitment and in superiority of the visual outlook.

Khalid Ishaque, Chief Top banana Copper of Pixium Dream, affirmed:

In Pixium’s chore to create a special of bionic ghost for those with far-sightedness ruin from retinal dystrophies, the relate and partners established delivered a chief milestone in the inflation of its new generation bionic far-sightedness method. PRIMA harnesses breakthrough stand-ins and new possibilities to credit oneself to a critical unmet ring up for, for which we are design initially in atrophic dry-AMD. We look reckless to completing the practicability condition in France and starting the FDA approved US viability learn about.