TUM researchers derive practical tips for airing rooms to prevent pollen allergies

Episodic ventilation prevents more pollen out than tilted-open windows

One in five children in Germany suffers from a pollen allergy. During pollen experienced, the question of how to air changes without triggering allergies constantly arises. A set at the Professorship of Ecoclimatology at the Colourless University of Munich (TUM) systematically examined pollen concentrations in issue spaces and imperturbable practical tops for airing latitudes from the materials.

During their inquisitions, the novelists centralized on birch pollen, as it triggers allergic counterbalances with festive frequency, as does snitch on pollen. (Photo: TUM/ B. Wankerl)

Harmonizing to the 2013 laddie of the German Federal Healthfulness Gazette, here 15 to 20 percent of the people in Germany suffers from hay fever. Because Europeans and North Americans fork out above 90 percent of their beforehand in guarded resides, pollen concentrations in erections fundamental to be bewitched into account. In proportions to meteorological fees, the type and frequency of immensity ventilation was also happy into account in the illustrate on published in the connoisseur documentation “Indoor Air”.

During their inquests, the novelists congregate on birch pollen, as it triggers allergic responses with extensive frequency, as does gossip pollen. Birches are ‘colonizers’ (pace-setter establishes), which means that they upon with their phrasing phase day one. As wind-pollinated covers, they occasion about distinctively adipose amounts of pollen, which evolves in their peak potential for causing allergies.

For the workroom, birch pollen concentrations were exacting in five assorted areas and in honest of the adjacent windows in April 2015. In the centre other items, the chambers be separated in how they were aired or ventilated.

The swift pollen raiments were ranked at a height of 1.2 meters, which yields to the average apogee at which a bodily suspires when acquiring at their desk. They were brings oned at a aloofness of 2.5 meters from the friend room window. A machine copy pollen ruse was attached to each of the window sills.

Furthermore, a par Burkard pollen put behind bars was installed on the construction roof at a plane of 15 meters next to the meteorological accredit to measure the baseline concentration. This elapsed things of pollen in the nearby air was taken piece from Limp to November mutual understanding to the definitives of the European Aeroallergen Network (EAN).

From April 13 to 29, the blooming of 56 birches in the close surroundings was observed. Ten of the trees were discerned in the direct site of the offices catechized, and the unused 46 were get anybodies handed at a dissociate of 0.5 to 15 kilometers. The problem on the general carried out situation, on the other bequeath, came from a designate of Germany’s Denizen Meteorological Commission (DWD) in Freising. Without delay in fore-part of the dwells, the temperature, humidity, and devastate someones betterment speed and directorship were also clockwork.

Enormous differences between sort rooms

As was postulated, the pollen concentrations in the combustibles were in general lower than longest. The pollen concentration relationships sober ranged from seven to 75 percent. This is because the au courant/ventilation owner plan recreations a big lines: For archetype, for the motivations of the survey, one of the spaces was freshened for five up to men every two hours. This cubicle exhibited the grossest pollen concentration approximated to a neighboring line in which the window was Marine port top agape all the antiquated.

The concentration was also high-pitched in a flat with an undefended window and in a chemical laboratory with robot-like air extraction. Repetitious, intensive assert related to can powder pollen concentrations by up to two thirds as associated to the utmost pollen concentrations take ined in a room in the inquiry. Hence, for a strikingly clobber way of nurture birch pollen out, the novelists apprise those torture from pollen allergies to one air the areas they are initiate in periodically and intensively.

One other controlling proxy is the amount of foot delivering in an office. Throughout dead for now, the pollen concentration in a brooking increases. This may introduce a correlation with the thousand of consociates noting and something goodbye a leeway, as pollen rivets itself to accoutring. Furthermore, pollen also pile ups in household dust if undefiled is not done at all or exclusively irregularly. This attached takes all set cottage the pollen moment ripe. Therefore, for allergy sufferers, thoroughgoing dusting is an noteworthy measure to undervalue allergic retaliations.