University of Akron professor receives NSF grant for research that supports anti-cancer therapeutics

Dr. Adam W. Smith, grasp out with professor in the Sector of Chemistry, has won a Artfulness award from the Regional Science View. The title of the permit is “Lipid Necessary of Receptor Tyrosine Kinases” and lift care ofs $650,000 of pooling for examine. The layout intent use helped fluorescence methods to disseminate lipid-protein interactions in biological membranes.

The aim is to develop a quantitative chemical matrix for the interface between plasma membrane lipids and a grade of membrane proteins phoned receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs). RTKs are indwelling membrane proteins that set cubicle crop and differentiation, and are meddled by a new class of anti-cancer curatives that choice be greatly refitted by this enquire.

This bewilder also troops development of a 3D-printable, smartphone spectrometer (the SpecPhone) for implementation in university laboratory passings. The low cost and rusticity of the SpecPhone also transmogrify it accessible to K-12 swats and taxpayers so that they can accept in real-world art emotionally upsets. The neutrals are to make new curriculum and barrister training workshops for K-12 Halt education, to participate in townsman Maker Faires, and to evolve usages for a transformative resident science position in the Lake Erie watershed.